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Lake NormanHR May Meeting


May 18, 2021
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
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Throughout history laughter has been used as a stress reliever and to help form meaningful connections with others. Sometimes things just aren't funny. And yets ometimes laughter can be an incredibly healthy way to cope.  In this fun and interactive session, you'll discover why this is and how you can utilize laughter to reduce your own stress and help to inject levity into every day.


-Scientific Benefits of Laughter
-Reframing to Find the Funny
-Focus on the 10% Amazing
-Bonus: Six Ways to Incorporate Laughter in the Workplace


Lauren Ansley, Emcee + Speaker

Based in Charlotte, NC, Lauren Ansley is a stand-up comedian, emcee/host, show producer, speaker and entrepreneur. Her passion to make others laugh and slight southern accent are only overshadowed by her infectious smile and abnormal height of 5’13”.  

Lauren Ansley launched her own production company to create moments of joy and laughter, to support local businesses and to elevate comedy as an art form.

Now in the world of social distancing, Lauren has taken her services virtual, producing quality and creative corporate entertainment and training online. In or out of a pandemic, Lauren is committed to providing quality comic relief and entertainment that engages employees, boosts morale, and creates memorable moments of joy and laughter.

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